Student Research

Recent Senior Projects

  • Victoria Chayes: Maximal Quantum Effects Outside A Spinning Black Hole: An Exploration Of The Kerr Metric
  • Sarah Ghandour: Random Walks on Thomson’s Group F
  • Adrian Gillerman: Equipartitions Using Finite Fourier Analysis
  • Jack Hawke: Quantifying the Affect of The Shift in Major League Baseball
  • Sadiki Lewis: Exploring Tournament Graphs and Their Win Sequences
  • Finnegan Muller-Hardy: The Expectation for the Center of Mass of Finite Interger Grids
  • Justin Shin: Envy-Free Fair Division With Two Players and Multiple Cakes
  • Stefan Stojanov: An Alternative Formulation for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
  • Olivia Williams: Modeling purple sea urchin and California sheephead populations in Channel Islands kelp forests

Past Senior Projects

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