Course Requirements

The following courses are required for student intending to major in mathematics.

By the time of moderation:

  • Mathematics 141, Calculus I
  • Mathematics 142, Calculus II
  • Mathematics 213, Linear Algebra with Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Mathematics 261, Proofs and Fundamentals

By the time of graduation:

  • Mathematics 242, Vector Calculus
  • Mathematics 332, Abstract Algebra
  • Mathematics 361, Real Analysis
  • 2 Elective Mathematics courses numbered 300 or above
  • Computer Science 143, Object Oriented Programming with Robots, or another programming based computer science course with approval of the Mathematics Program, preferably before beginning the senior project

Additional requirements:

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Moderation Requirements

  • Students in the Mathematics Program are expected to follow the standard Bard procedure for Moderation (PDF).
  • Students moderating into Mathematics must demonstrate a basic knowledge of LaTeX by submitting a page or two of mathematics written in LaTeX. The content of these pages is determined by the student; homework from a course, or material learned from a mathematics text, are possibilities.
Students should see their advisors if they have any questions about moderation requirements.

Senior Project

Titles of all recent senior projects in mathematics, and PDF copies of some of them, may be found on the Student Research page.

During the course of writing a Senior Project in Mathematics, the student must:

  • Give a brief Prospectus Talk describing the project in the first semester of her senior project (12 minute presentation).
  • Submit a short write-up toward the end of the first semester (10 pages, written in LaTeX using the Bard senior project style file.)
  • Have a midway senior project board at the start of the second semester.
  • Have a final senior project board after the project is completed; the board commences with a 20 minute presentation that is open to the public.
  • Participate in the SM&C Division Senior Project Poster Session. Exact dates and deadlines for the above events for the current academic year may be found here.

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