John Cullinan

Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematics

Bard College

My main mathematical interests are in arithmetic geometry, representations of finite groups, and the arithmetic of orthogonal polynomials. My current research focuses on the following topics:

The torsion structure of abelian varieties: The focus of my dissertation was on certain representation-theoretic aspects of the torsion structure of three-dimensional abelian varieties. Since then, I have been interested in classifying the images of mod l and l-adic representations attached to low-dimensional abelian varieties.

Galois properties of orthogonal polynomials: My collaborators and I are interested in the algebraic properties of certain families of orthogonal polynomials. We study the varieties defined by these polynomials, as well as the arithmetic information they encode. Of particular interest to us are the Jacobi polynomials (and their specializations) because of their deep connections to arithmetic.


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Here are some links to math talks I like very much: Serre's Minerva lectures 1, 2, and 3 and Serre on Writing Mathematics Badly; Katz's IHES colloquium; the FLT Conference.

In spring 2013 I collaborated with Marina Noronha from the CCS Bard Hessel Museum on a curatorial project. Part of the exhibition used the main theorem of this paper to select artwork for the show. The site for the show is here.

In 2010, Allison Pacelli and I organized an MAA PREP workshop on Algebraic Number Theory. We used to have a wiki devoted to the workshop, but technical difficulties prevent us from continuing to host it. However, the files are available here (zipped).

I enjoy writing reviews for MathSciNet. You can read the reviews I've written here, as well as those of my papers. You need a site license to access these reviews.